bride hairstyle long hair

You choose a variety of bride hairstyle long hair, you have the responsibility to make yourself more beautiful

The beauty of love still can not let go of love long hair.2013 long hair will have more changes Oh, A shape, dynamic hair, asymmetrical hair. There are likely to become popular fashion elements. The cheek fluffy varus bride hairstyle long hair volume, can play a small V face to face effect. Both sides slightly fleshy cute girls, not only can be modified face, will make you look more mature, very suitable for the interview the other!


This hairstyle is made big difference and natural level in the neck. A sense of air hair, create a lot of hair, hair natural micro volume so that the overall style looks more relaxed personality oh.The key of this hairstyle is hair elastic large, make the bride hairstyle long hair more texture and fluffy. Fluffy bangs forehead left very sweet feel Oh, this hairstyle from the back view is layered.


Simple, natural hair volume, giving a very natural sweet impression, circular arc bangs to create a dynamic sense of thickness, long bride hairstyle long hair. The hair is a lively and pretty little angel oh. The big air volume, so that no excessive levels of the hair is more light, fluffy, light yellow hair color for your funky soaring, but also get rid of the winter dull oh.


In the oblique bangs can make you more hair ladies temperament Oh, curled hair from the cheek along the start will make you look a light Cougar unique mature lovely feeling. If you are just getting into the workplace, this hairstyle is very lovable oh. The thickness of the bride hairstyle long hair in bangs, cleverly cut the amount of hair, strongly recommended to the hair thick bangs round MM! Can create a pure, clean angel girl oh.