wigs for men

Wig for men as a modern American essential repair jewelry, I come to science for everyone:

Wig is a man-made chemical fiber silk into hair wigs for men, directly worn on the head, and the hair is almost hat. Of course can be trimmed into different hair styles. Now people used to transform hair wigs, more is the use of all caps wigs. Women’s hair is very simple, no need to wear hair nets, directly set on the head. The male hair is also very simple, direct to set, but also cover the whole head, and then hand organized under OK.


Midfielder hair wigs for men, his hair in 2 braids ear height. Then back up all the hair clip flat, flat on the head, don’t focus on a pile of note behind bangs and ear hair clip to be exposed. Then don’t wear a wig. The good, do not let the hair net the edge of the exposed. Basically do not use a comb hair wig, where the volume after each hand with a good tidy up on it. The use of non oily liquid special maintenance wig (using the method is very simple: take before gently in the wig spray several then) can make the wig become smooth and bright and capable of preventing electrostatic let, keep moist state when the wig just as to buy back the same!

real hair2

wigs for men maintenance: before use should be combed, wearing a wig after slightly to comb it. Comb wig generally used in relatively sparse comb comb wig as well, should apply the method of oblique lateral comb, not straight comb, and the action must be light. In order to prevent the wig away, some people love with a barrette hair wig. However, not too hard, otherwise, easy to hook bad wig net. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, can be used in the decoration of the wig hair band to wig fixed. Often wear wigs, usually half a month washing one is appropriate. Before washing, the first comb his wig combed, and then diluted solution conditioner wash and comb. Cut can not rub twist, not to leave in the washing liquid to wash foam. And the application of hands gently along the direction of hair rinse above the bubble, however After drying, avoid exposure to the sun.


Now the wigs for men effect: COSPLAY popular fast today, convenient wig has become a large number of COSER essential COS tools, not only eliminates the hair in the hair salon dyeing hair more to avoid the expense; fan Hair Coloring for hair damage, but also make COSER change yourself easily in the shortest time. This also from the COSER to the hair length color meters to COS characters long hair color wig can not COS the character’s regret, is undoubtedly a wonderful beginning. And it is also one of the common performance in various props in the wig. It can serve to render the stage effect, with strong sense of image and stage actor role.