curly clip in hair extensions

Wig complete! You need curly clip in hair extensions like this in the spring.

Wigs are more and more popular, which can not only meet the amount of hair loss, or hair loss of the crowd, but also allows you to change the amount of hair every day, the following recommendations for each of the girls curly clip in hair extensions  pictures, look at how to wear a wig!


Long hair girls want to try this wig, curly clip in hair extensions has become this year’s autumn and winter the most popular hairstyle, with the straight hair style of the modified fine facial features, but also show the unique feminine. bangs is the most modified face, and most girls love bangs, if hair is less you can not build a heavy bangs, with the false fringe is a good choice, but a natural black is true.


The ball head is unbeaten classic, it is suitable for a small amount of fat girls, take this fluffy ball head is highly effective, fluffy head meatball head throughout the year are very suitable, most can highlight the lovely girls.The meatball head even piercing eye you can not see is the fake meatball head, the overall impression is very elegant, retro style curly head design unique fashion features, one eye will make people very suitable for a wig gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, a small amount of fat girls, so you can make your curly clip in hair extensions looks full and more stylish look.


This is the personality of the bangs swept Japan and South Korea air bangs, own to the barber shop is also very difficult to create such an effect, but also good care, with more bangs curly clip in hair extensions piece full tidal range.A wig will have two pull ropes, only need to put the two pull rope can be fixed. Then put the ring a little finishing can, so it looks more natural, like real hair wigs for women.