hair bangs, wigs for black women

Why do African women love hair wigs bangs so much?

I would say it stems from being too whitewashed.It’s like it makes some women feel good about themselves, since hair wigs bangs  has always been the epitome of beauty. Our short kinky hair is never appreciated and seen as beautiful… rather it is termed nappy.


This hair wigs bang  story can be discussed for days, many women do it for many reasons. I don’t really like it, because usually I feel that many women do it for validation in terms of beauty. But maybe they just prefer it to their natural hair.


Not to be too critical, but generalize much?  Here in Nigeria weaves are more common, although I see everything from close crops, to straightening, dreads, and yes, weaves.  Braids too.  So,African women love hair wigs bangs so much .Basically the usual degree of human creativity and concern for beauty, a desire for respect, and a way to show individuality.   You know, human beings doing their own thing.


So far as I can see, I have the same opinion.African women are darker skinned and have a thick, messy hair from birth,They certainly need some wigs, such as wig extensions ,such as light hair wigs bangs .When women bring a wig, cover the original hair, is so beautiful, and do not have to take care of particularly difficult.