To say that in winter, which is the most popular girls human  hair extensions, of course, is a warm real hair wigs and long hair wigs slightly! If you want to come to a beautiful winter long hair, then it is to lock the small series of today’s selection oh!


The winter long hair in bangs slightly 01>>>>> outlines the most exquisite little face, and perm careful design more fashion aesthetic temperament style, fluffy  real hair wigs  looks very plump, can look good stereo can easily repair Yan warm, who will not love?


The winter long hair 02>>>>> straight long  real hair wigs  is always the goddess fan full. Red wine Hair Coloring design let girls fully reveal the characteristics of the skin white and beautiful, and the 46 oblique bangs adds a charming and elegant temperament, long straight hairstyle is really smart and supple and elegant, delicate and charming human hair wigs for white women style.

The long winter 03>>>>> is also designed in the same fringe can modify the most perfect face, and fine real hair wigs  tail trim for the girls with long hair hair add delicate gentle temperament, natural hair wigs  style can show the female intellectual fan, and slightly pink girl feeling oh.


The winter long hair 04>>>>> about winter real hair wigs  styling, it is not a lack of head hair styling tender egg roll. Oblique bangs hair color collocation with overhangs more unique, hair fluffy and egg roll abundance can bring some vitality to the young girls feel very good, all-match.


The winter long hair 05>>>>> long  real hair wigs  is always sweet girl student sister love. The lovely Alice bangs clever collocation with natural wigs , playful and make simple Ponytail Hair Tie not too stiff, and brown Hair Coloring design is able to fully show the white color!


This winter is a simple hair style is enough to captured the hearts of all beings! You must try!