full lace human hair wigs

What is ull lace human hair wigs,I’m here for you.

Full lace human hair wigs, hair lace is hooked on online (that is very thin, uniform distribution of some very fine mesh, common is the Swiss lace and French lace), usually in the head position is to have a piece of elastic net, in order to adapt to the different type can be applied, but basically lace wigs human hair do.


Lace wigs or full lace human hair wigs is made of a transparent lace wig. At the end of the special lace front wigs with human hair lace in the transparent bottom by handmade. Full lace wigs are at the bottom of the lace, lace wigs and only transparent lace in the hair line. The rest of the obvious place the part is not easy material, this material and lace than would have no ability to bear the tear. Lace lace wigs is the most expensive wig. To use adhesive caps on someone’s scalp, and moderate time lasting. For example, the wearer can take a bath, swimming, and wearing a wig in strenuous physical exercise.


full lace human hair wigs are divided into full lace wig (full lace wig), or the front lace wig (front lace wig) by a professional technician, hand hook made, the general production takes about 7 to 15 days.


Full lace human hair wigs are generally used in India real hair or Chinese SHUNFA wig cap to do raw materials, generally 64# is pure imported Swiss net cap, the net material characteristics is the net mouth more detailed, and more durable, disadvantage is high hardness. Generally there are 4 colors: transparent, light (transparent) Brown (light Brown), brown (Medium Brown) and brown (Dark Brown) to adapt to different customer complexion.