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What is the relationship between the big hair wigs for women! Here a few seconds face slap a Cute Hairstyle

Is the first in the long hair, in with long hair, very clever cover on both sides of the zygomatic part, showing the most thin chin, the small face several times. So Qi chin hair wigs for women, wrap the cheek while hair increased valgus, lovely temperament, round face girl is suitable, not to mention the big face.

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In the long hair wigs for women perm hair styling, cheeks on both sides of the overall trend and increase the sense of fluffy, help modified face thin, key repair Yan long bangs is delicate. Air + bangs hair, big face covered, plus the winter scarf help second face.

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The air full of sense of fluffy curls is also the first choice of hairstyle, through large backdrop, the girls face look natural significantly small. Japanese style hair wigs for women, unlike the Korean jumbo, the hair perm through stereotypes, furry cute temperament.


Fluffy side distribution, the 37 most all-match, 46 most women, when the two sides were asymmetric, hot a pear head second slap face. The air are beautiful  favorite hair wigs for women bangs, bangs hair tail + translucent recurved, lovely suction eye, big face looks lovely.