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What is the face of the pear hot bob wigs for african american

Many girls are a headache yourself what bob wigs for african american hairstyle for you, whether it is round or square or long face crush crush crush face a variety of hairstyle is can deal with different shapes, collocation that face is good, this is the pear head.


The first is in the short pear head with oval face, oval face is very delicate face, no matter for what hairstyle will look nice with pear head, give a person a kind of lovely feeling.


Then it is better to choose the oval, oval face hair, pear head is also a good choice, pear head this black oblique bangs can foil face this special classical beauty.


A round face, a round face is sometimes not so good with hair bob wigs for african american, this pear head can try, cut a pair of bangs and then cut the hair cut the neck, so that a round face is more lovely.


Square face, you can also leave the pear head, the hair to stay a little longer, leaving a neat bangs make the face has a short effect, both sides of the hair can also be a good modification of the face.


Big face, pie face, the hair is light perm hairĀ bob wigs for african american, bangs to, from the middle part of the hair do our bending can be well covered with chubby cheeks.