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This year the most popular wigs-Real hair wigs

This is a sister to let you return to the 18 year old sister.Today to say this hairstyle called sister head, short hair, Volkswagen loved  real hair wigs,a look that is young, with collagen, with bangs bangs on both sides of the hair and then brow, ears hang together, slightly inward buckle a little bit.


The real hair wigs  in our mother’s generation is very popular. The generation of both sides of the tail neatly just cover the forehead with ears and pieces of bangs exposing the eyebrows special spirit.


In the 《Leon-The Professional》,actress hairstyle is so.Real hair wigs It seemed full of spirit.The same in《Amelie》,The woman look stylish but also has a temperament.


A real hair wigs cut as deep as the sea – like cosmetic hair, bob cut, although the United States, but there are risks, you do not make the girls can be oh.