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The girls will learn in the face of real hair wigs temperament easily repair Yan

Here is the small series for you to face the small girls, bring a group of good real hair wigs  picture effect repair Yan Korean, want to know how to take care of the human hair wigs  face for a look at it?!A face in the real hair wigs : very elegant temperament of a Korean face dew amount in the human hair extensions,  natural  wigs shawl hair design divided fresh Korean face. In the face hair two: lady with full range of a Korean face perm hair, dark brown  hair dyed hair slightly to pick volume,  hair wigs  elegant feeling full in very suitable for girls face care.



Three face: the human hair wigs  volume hair is in face suitable for  real hair wigs  design, color Hair Coloring chestnut color collocation the skin white, fluffy human hair wigs for white women curled in elegant, very lazy with temperament.Face in type four: wanted to face by age, divided Buzzcut girls in the tail lift is essential, withholding of design all-match, Liu Xiu Yan in the face.Face in type five: the full range of children a strong woman in straight  real hair wigs  design, the amount of dew shoulder length hair elegant, fresh and free Liu Haichang with exquisite makeup is feminine.Face in type six: Sweet Korean intellectual in the long curly  wigs hair , face a necessary repair Yan, micro volume hot fluffy human hair extensions  in the hair of the face collocation.


The face is a slap in the face of girls dream goal, but naturally face mm also to their troubles, such as often face doubt what is suitable for  real hair wigs, face for hair has those, also have face girls are few. So this bring you some face suitable hairstyle pictures and can achieve the effect of face human hair wigs for white women.At first glance, how many street like boys real hair wigs  mm. Do not want most of the street are identical to their own  human hair wigs , hair boy no longer more sweet, this is the most suitable for you, to deal with a small volume of small head to tail very cute oh!