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Square face popular real hair wigs hairstyle ,square face can also be lovingly pathetic

The face width of fat, this is true, in this look at the face of the society, people first most is the first concern face! Especially in your life beautiful girl face so much in their side, square face is extremely complex, but also because the girls face square face width also caused many although parents are worried. Whole body, cosmetic to be careful, but we can still fit the hair. Square face hair very much, if you do not know what the MM is suitable for square face hair, can look at this square face fashion real hair wigs  hairstyle book.


Long wavy real hair wigs  hanging down at random, partial bangs very temperament, decorated the perfect face, with brown Hair Coloring, create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.The bangs elegant design, long hair fluffy curly tail, correct face value suction eye, with warm and soft linen Hair Coloring hair color, very gentle temperament girls.This is a long real hair wigs , bangs to 28 points just perfect modification of the face, messy long hair slightly wild, light brown Hair Coloring collocation is very fashionable.



A fresh and reduce the age of short real  hair wigs , supple and elegant hair is very refreshing, oblique arc perfect, collocation of the upper edge of the hair wigs good modification of the wide face, the other woman’s personality neat, highlighting  the temperament. Inside the buckle in the long hair, short of neat bangs eyebrows, the vision is not too short, and then with the hair on both sides of the long decorated with delicate cheeks, natural black hair color is also simple and generous.A micro volume long hair wigs, large partial bangs easy modification of the face, hair micro volume button, Hair wigs Coloring let woman more brown collocation sweet.