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Now the stars are cut short wave head, a little shorter wave head more youthful vitality, for a 20 year old woman, lovely and smart. You can also try winter curls, shoulder 5 cm wave head very feminine, tied into a small ponytail more Aura, air bangs collocation sweet winter doubled. Cut short hair looks what? In addition to Bob, this Korean small best human hair wigs is also popular, hair micro wrap cheek is more thin, small round face aside more lovely.

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Love can also try the neutral wind? Handsome short best human hair wig! In the very short hair handsome, hair styling highlights fresh temperament. The same is short hair, like a light wave is also very stylish, tilted perm design highlights the lovely temperament, while increasing the other dynamic, more by age. The same is shoulder length hair, also can try the points short straight inner buckle is simple monotonous, from both sides began to add a little more air arc, stylish double effect!Short bangs + long straight hair, is two dimensional modeling, the bursting of the girl heart woman must try this hairstyle, cute and adorable little pot stay bangs, narrow forehead, woman can try.

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Shoulder hair woman can try Hair Coloring pink, light pink from the beginning of the summer to the winter is also popular, suction eye focus, hair dyed best human hair wig color so sweet and refreshing. LOB fashionable hairstyle, partial no bangs design sweet by age, natural hair increased air repair face temperament, the neck in winter it won’t be cold. Sister head the Department of pure, thin neck hair bangs Gazi sweet fresh, tender age, girls are unstoppable, babyface girl can try this hairstyle.The best winter hair, long straight hair in the design of pure seductive, more simple but more charming.

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The tail cut neat short hair, linen and shoulder hair fashionable suddenly feel like you are flying hat tide sense. Even if collocation is simple in long best human hair wig care can increase the sense of hierarchy, the hair blown back slightly, stylish smart. Personality retro short bangs the two dimension of eyebrow hair, bangs + buckle design to create a retro beauty, thick cut even a test of temperament.The girl with long hair bangs hot air, a small wave more suction eye, loose curl modelling more fresh and cured, sweet wind in winter pool.