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Special face is not saved? Teach you hair tail micro bend long real hair wigs

When you change the hairstyle we always say that you face, forehead, chin, nose. How to consider these factors? These special parts of girls face we also have to take care of it, real hair wigs  design today to teach you how to choose according to the hair.


Special face 1: short chin  real hair wigs  points: head and side bangs by Peng not modified. The head of hair not Peng, otherwise elongated on the half face proportion. In addition, the chin is short, forehead do not cover too much, try to side bangs, exposing a portion of the forehead, stretched the whole proportion.


Special face 2: Pocket chin hair points: real hair wigs  tail micro bent long hair.That long hair, and jaw to iron a little degree increased on both sides of fluffy, modified chin highlights the shortcomings from the vision.


Special face 3: head real hair wigs  is too narrow points: side bangs with bangs covering bangs, line side as far as possible the more modification of the forehead is too narrow shortcomings.


Special face 4: high forehead  real hair wigs  thick bangs bangs points: recommended to cover your high forehead, whether you want to cut or beside the side bangs bangs. Must have thickness to perfect cover, not only a few more roots on the forehead.


Special face 5: big nose hairstyle points: do not divide if the nose is big, pay attention not to cent  real hair wigs . Because cent is nose will let nose in visual more obvious bigger.