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Some small knowledge about cosplay wigs and where to choose wigs for sale

When we buy  wigs for sale, wig is generally installed in the transparent bag, soft hair net and wig  outside, filled with goods support.  long hair bag is transparent, transparent bag will have a cardboard box, these things are in order to protect the cosplay wigs.


The wig is an integral part of cosplay, is part of a costume wig, is part of this role, and other props, is essential. When we recognize the role, mostly through wigs for sale, costumes and props to identify and judge the degree of reduction when the cosplay wigs  accounted for a large part.


When the wig in the show, usually placed in the wig support and head models. While wearing the human hair wigs, should wear a hair net, long hair wig,can be braided or tied up to wear a hair net. Hair needs distribution as uniform as possible in a convenient to wear wigs, prevent wear after the black law wig out.

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This paper is about some basic knowledge of cosplay wigs, are some very basic things, including wig posture, hair repair tools, how to choose the wig for sale , how to determine the other ideas, how to carry out simple based modeling, and how to save and use these fake fur posture. These are my own style the experience in the past few years is summarized, a general survey of the level of their own.

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Cosplay wigs modeling, first of all to be clear in the hands of what kind of wigs for sale  to get, and then shape. At the same time, in the choice of wig, not only in accordance with the role of the figure, the conditions should also consider what kind of hair more suitable.

wigs for sale

According to the shape and length of wig classification, cos circle is generally divided into MSN, anti Alice, long hair wigs , horsetail, bangs, in the back of the head, the head rushed, and some special form, in addition to a variety of tablets and cosplay wigs wig buns.