short wigs

Short Wig – to the sister who did not dare to cut short wigs hair

In daily life, feel very monotonous without other hair tied at all can choose a bud type wig, bud type wig elegant and easy to wear, to comb the hair into a high ponytail, then ponytail bun shaped bud wig in hair on the head of the success of DIY wig. Also can let you second change goddess. Long wavy with roll on the shoulders of the lovely women all appear, always suffers from the hair is not long enough, not long hair fluttering feeling hot girls can choose a suitable for your facial short wigs to meet their own wish!


Get tired of the fringe of beauty, try this under, brave show brow! You will find your aura instantly become powerful! Face small girls are very suitable for such a wig, revealing the forehead is the whole people are refreshed.BOB short arc wig, short wig color, supple black brown glossy hair, buckle is lovely. Hot hair wig to texture and offbeat youthful feeling, very straightforward delicate Oh, want to tie a stylish hair can try.


Every minute can be pure girl turned fashion fashionista, do not take care of the girl who’ll bangs hang up, choose a western style wig bangs to enhance the whole human temperament and taste. Note that the choice is to choose and wig bangs his hair, short wig color to wear, otherwise it will take the danger.The mature hot pear shape, side bangs, tail with a wavy shape, let MM face even more perfect.


Bob short head, the bangs fluffy girls temperament wig, short wig can let you switch back and forth. Buy a wig with hair money. Can not hurt the scalp hair changes back and forth, Editor  today gave everyone the economy back to enjoy the coup!