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Only you can not think of the big wigs for sale do not do business

Recently, the French fashion brand Balmain (Balmain) launched a new business, you may feel very fresh, that is the custom wig. In fact, before the Balmain  wig for sale, but this is the custom service Oh, the same hairstyle will not only copy minutes show models, can play their tricks.

An art studio first custom wigs for sale store Balmain in Paris 13 rue Royale street, Balmain style design director Nabil Harlow at the helm. This will provide private customized services, regardless of what you want hair, hair color, will meet your needs, and as the top wig wig service here are 100% real human hair is made to do so out of shape that is not a problem.


Here, I have to worship Balmain wisdom, this is a wise decision. Every time the fashion week to almost all other models will lead a trend, people not only pay attention to beautiful clothes, makeup and hairstyle show will also be people enthusiasm. And people is not immutable and frozen. In the hair wigs for sale  will pursue a change, this is not a business to come.


Balmain autumn and winter show, you will not forget to wear brown hair Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) and turned blonde Kendall Jenna (Kendall Jenner), two supermodel style swaps contributed a major attraction. While Balmain is by light, the head and social networking platform flow, launched the deep long and innovative custom wigs for sale business.


A luxury brand that sells wigs for sale  business, play really is non mainstream. Don’t be surprised, because it not only sold a wig brand, non mainstream business is more than a big wig. People want to earn your money, you are absolutely impossible to guard against.


In February this year, Chanel (Chanel) in order to promote the new Paris beauty boutique, launched a free shaving business for two weeks. The store will be dedicated to men’s barber chair, men shaved to customer service personnel, will give them a new homeopathic spray on the Bleu de Chanel blue men, naked the advertising!