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No matter what your face is smart and chic stylish micro volume long angled bob

Today is the beginning of winter, the head of long angled bob before popular this winter and what changes? The new hairstyle design to tell you, no matter what your face, lob head shoulder 5cm is the most beautiful.Autumn and winter dull color, a stylish haircut is imminent. While the same hairstyle, length is determined by your beauty and fashion. This year, even the original long real hair wigs  actress who began to cut the head of the lob, seems to have found a more youthful truth: that is, regardless of age, will be issued the tail length control on the shoulder of 5cm, you can instantly make the winter human hair wigs for women fashionable and chic.


The head of the lob out is already close to the face, shoulder by increasing the length of the 5cm so that the people become more clever. So quite transparent sense of the level of long angled bob in length, with slightly curved hair elastic, the girl’s shy introverted interpretation may be just perfect.For the popular lob long  real hair  wigs cut to shoulder position slightly warm and cured. Fluffy curled with light hanging down the air bangs by age and tender, expose the delicate baby face out Lolita sense, with dark hair color wigs  more fashionable and sweet.



Do not underestimate the length 5cm of the shoulder, the youthful vitality of  real hair wigs . It is Qi Liuhai or stereotyped than well behaved, no rules will be fluffy bangs weapon you by age. Although the fashionable lob real hair wigs  look messy chaos, but is the essence of the hair.Long brown lob on white, the perfect hair curled valgus disorderly feeling together, not only for girls. She becomes very small face and personality charm oh. Just perfect 5cm length, combined with the winter dress, will bring a sense of leisure.



The length of the 5cm is just the tail and shoulders between the “beautiful distance”, not only can make the Queen s double, also more vitality and chic. Light grey purple real hair wigs  color and hair winding bracket combined arc degrees out of fashion.Also shoulder hair, increase the length of the 5cm also increase the weight of the hair itself, with the design of the buckle of the full sense of fashion sense of nature, coupled with a very fashionable transparent brown dye, give a person feel warm and generous.



Remove the bangs, to gather, or the side of the hair behind the ear, can reduce the length of lob heavy feeling, add a little flavor. In a casual sense of human hair extensions radian creating a sense of permeability is the positive solution, the lift effect max.If you are worried about the perm will damage the hair, but also want to create no perm long lob unsolicited volume outstanding, the trick is Haircut when the heavy cut out to create dynamic, appear in the sense of super popular. As a casual, catching the rubbing wax, create a light effect.