men's wigs

How should the men’s wigs care for you to understand the steps of wig care.

Men’s wig, men’s wigs hair loss with more and more widespread, more and more men also wear the wig, but the wearer for men’s wig care solution is not very understanding, resulting in damage to the phenomenon of men emerge in an endless stream of wig wig! Take care of what, and how to take care of the men’s wigs? Here, we will introduce the relevant men’s wig care of the way, hope to be able to let everyone can correctly treat their wigs.

Men’s wigs mainly includes the cleaning of the wig and the care of the wig, especially the cleaning of the wig:

1: before washing the wig comb with special steel comb, dirt dirt comb down

2: the wig soaked in adding warm water (20 degrees –30) for about ten minutes, do not use hand rub, to avoid hair loss hair.

3: after washing, add conditioner soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with fine water

4: do not wring dry after washing, to put the wig flat on a dry towel, said to dry

5: hanging in the shade to dry, avoid direct sunlight, avoid using the men’s wigs dryer.

Secondly, men’s hair care must also do a good job of daily care, men’s wigs care to better save the wig as the goal, the main requirements we do the following aspects:

1: try not to close to high temperature, because the wig is very fragile, too high temperature will cause unnecessary damage to the wig!

2: if the wig with a long time, it is not easy to comb, do not force pull, to spray on the wig special non oily maintenance fluid, and then slowly comb open

3: use the conversion of non oily wig maintenance solution is very simple, in the spray before wearing the wig, wig to gently comb open on the line, the care of anti-static, anti frizz wig, wig looks shiny, it is men’s wigs care is a very important point.

4: hair loss in the process of wearing a wig is a normal phenomenon, in the usual sort of time if it is a long wig should be a little bit up from the bottom of the comb, avoid by all means must not be forced down from the top of the comb comb

In short, no matter how advanced technology wig, no matter how skilled craft wig, wig is wig, wig is not viable in need of care extremely carefully, so we must learn more to take care of his men’s wig way, only have the right to take care of wig wearing effect is more outstanding!