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Mainly to see the real hair wigs round woman can become the goddess

Always hear people say I very cute round face, round face was tender, but if the real hair wigs  did not choose to face, it is easy to change the “fat face” Oh, here to introduce several suitable moonfaced woman’s hair, save your “face”, do not come to see.Style 1 Meng Qi Liuhai covered his forehead,  real hair wigs burned off the inner buckle shape, face more delicate, short hair just to the chin length, live cheek meat, let the girl look affinity full.Style 2 the short  real hair wigs  is also very suitable for a round face girl, 37 bangs very show temperament, easy collocation on both sides of the  real hair  wigs to outline the delicate face, red Hair Coloring looks stylish and beautiful.


Style 3 involute Buzzcut collocation, simple partial oblique bangs, Xiu Yan was tender, brown Hair Coloring off white skin, fresh and sweet.This is a style 4 Poxian temperament real hair wigs styling, buckle by age and Liu Qi Xiu Yan, long hair hanging down, not only sexy woman temperament also highlights.Style 5 shoulder real hair wigs  hanging down casual, fluffy and slightly messy bangs on the 37 design collocation, Xiu Yan thin, brown hair color Hair Coloring low-key fashion.Style 6 this is a very small fresh short hair, fluffy micro volume of short hair with a broken cut Qi Liuhai, set off the face of the sister’s small, linen dyed hair is more Sen full of gas.



Style7 this is a hair perm real hair  wigs, long hair curly wigs tail, bangs in good repair Yan effect, not only with also temperament.Style 8 Buckle Shoulder Weijuan hair design collocation, partial bangs, a perfect face, it is suitable for the face is not so perfect woman, Hair Coloring adds a sense of fashion.Style 9 fluffy hair perm hair, dark Hair Coloring collocation, fresh and sweet, short bangs, let the face look not too short, it is suitable for a round face girl oh.