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Magic real hair wigs repair,round face Change to oval face.

Exquisite face but the envy of everyone, today editor bring you 9 good-looking face repair real hair wigs ,human  hair wigs  design and teach you how to face collocation, round into oval face, take a look at it!

A face for real hair wigs design, shoulder buckle human hair , collocation thick bangs, modified face good, showing a delicate face, very sweet temperament oh!The air full of long hair pear head hair, oblique bangs styling collocation, very modified face, originally a round face instantly modified into an oval face, very age oh!Long hair girl with long curly hair can make you look at this fast changing face! Side long bangs hairstyle, collocation sense of air curling hair, making full of fluffy hair, modified face very well.

Hairstyle design collocation temperament, sense of air curling wigs hair, making a very fluffy hair, very Xiu Yan Jianling oh!Fashion perm hair, plus hair fluffy, modified face good, showing a beautiful face, a very sweet style perm.The fluffy bobbed hair styling collocation by age bangs hair, plus hair involution effect, perfect modification with round face, build a temperament bobbed hair style.To round into oval face? Then to try this buckle BoBo! Thin bangs real hair wigs fluffy hair collocation buckle, modified face perfect, will become a delicate face speed face.

The volume of real hair wigs for women matted, plus buckle pear head hair, not only modified face good, but also to create a beautiful face, it is suitable for face rounder girl.Good oblique bangs hair, short hair style shoulder collocation a sense of air, making a full sense of fluffy hair, plus the involution effect, very Jianling Xiu Yan.This is the long hair collocation face, can show the girls face delicate, hair partial side, a small amount of fat into the ear, his whole face and delicate facial features, hair loose curled, delicate and with a sense of fashion