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Look at these round face sister paper thin real hair wigs.

Chubby little face is very cute, but many woman want to face, feel so nice, so face the girls look at the face real hair wigs, can let the modified face, round face is smaller, both the pursuit of popular and don’t need a big fuss. Moon faced woman’s face felt meat toot, a lot of people want to use real hair wigs  modification himself with a cute little face today is to bring you several thin hair, round face sister paper suitable for you to see.


Wave head side asymmetric design continuously fashion fan, but also can let moon faced modified face change in visual stereo, slimmer. Plus inner buckle design add sweet, super good.Irregular neat bangs covering the forehead modified face, on both sides of the  real hair wigs  length is short, face look more three-dimensional, thin role in vision, round face sister paper make up not so plump.In the long tail  hair extensions for short hair  perm upset not only thin fluffy effect, can also increase the sense of fashion. A long post tight face, on both sides of the modified face, can make the face decrescent.


The design of wave head  hair can be close to both sides of the cheek to cover both sides of the small meat, let face decrescent, look more temperament.Large side bangs collocation buckle long hair modified face, can make the face decrescent. Hair design simple fresh brown collocation Hair Coloring fashion fan, but also face lift, Zambrotta.Qi Liuhai’s eyes and long real hair wigs  gently collocation on both sides face decrescent, the overall design is relatively simple so fresh all-match, hair micro volume add fashion personality charm.


Big bangs modified face with real hair wigs design asymmetric, let face not so prominent, ear hair on one side of it to the other more three-dimensional, generally thin effect is good.28 the bangs hair on the temples can be modified face collocation, make the meat she cute face and short hair extensions for short hair  level simple and fresh, let the girl looks very sweet. This hairstyle round face sister paper can try, of course, the other face of the woman may also pay close attention to fit, can also be selected.