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A long hair is not only sweet face, more mysterious long hair is definitely preferred real hair wigs!

A long real hair wigs are not only sweet face.It is not difficult to find in recent years, many female stars are popular in the cut hair, especially round buns face female star, of which there are two reasons, one is the hair  pieces capable yet lady fan, convenient in various occasions when they don’t have to spend too much time to take care of, but still maintain the lady image, is two ordinary long hair and a round face will be in stark contrast to highlight the face round, and in the long hair and the length of the face is a very close, thin hair wigs, round face. Don’t miss it.



Therefore, in the face and hairstyle is created by nature a pair of round face sister paper may based on Meng Meng Da, or a level, becomes more sweet.The sunlight scattered in the brown long real hair wigs, lazy and charming, slightly tilted to the hair tail design adds a bit of vitality, 46 bangs cleverly covered on the cheek to the modification of the face.In the tail section of long hair choose involution design, better fixed round arc, arc soft outline outline, 37 bangs are lifted, is very casual.



In the selection of long real hair wigs, round face sister paper can also try riuzzi bangs, Qi Liu Haixiao thin to, because in the long hair in a certain extent, set off the length of the face.Similarly, small round face sister paper recommended this very popular with Korean Air bangs, particularly smart, with light brown hair, and more fashionable.Black long hair to make a round face sister paper a little more retro, but after curled tail hair especially fluffy, the lovely round face looks more exquisite.



Long real hair wigs are simple, but can be straight perm and equal dividing method of different fringe change shape, Xiaobian prefer the brown hair, low-key nature, 37 points for the original Meng Meng Da face add intellectual charm.This seemingly irregular curled long hair, very artistic sense, which also shows the messy beautiful face is arbitrary whims, sister paper get rid of childish hair preferred.A dark brown elegant mature, the Meng Meng Da face Meimei a bit more understanding, 37 minutes long falls on the clavicle, the charm of ten%e