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From the lob to the collective head cut bangs 2016 real hair wigs styles do you follow?

This year’s entertainment, female stars hair than simply changing clothes faster! From the tour short hair cut bangs at first, then to get together with the two dimension of fashionable real hair wigs  color, it is irrelevant! Today is to set the 2016 in human  hair wigs , to tell the truth, you follow a few!The lob array is really great evil wind blowing, from last year to this year, most of the entertainment female stars have a hair cut, is the first choice for lob! Cut it every day there is a “no wake up, but my hair do not care very beautiful” way, it is the heart head hair!

By turning short fitness success as Yuan Shanshan lob in the army, and the volume of micro real hair wigs curling hair beautiful yet pure temperament, compared to before the monotony of the long hair, was a new height.The large power power head shoulder head lob hot fluffy soft natural radian, and full of air, the tail slightly curled radian girly sporadic playful, Yan value than the long hair wigs period, let a person shine at the moment!Yuan Shanshan lob Zhaqi neat half ball head is more straightforward, casual and simple high balls below, still retain some real hair wigs  to add more fashionable, handsome yet playful.

Dongyu Zhou was cut after lob fashion up up, rich level and full of sense of messy and her temperament is very funny tune, modified face slightly curved hair better, the hair and hair root to inject more air is the key to win this hairstyle.But overnight, the female stars on the top of the head of the “balls”, and lob students with a face is half-bun semi ball head, this semi comb model will engage in half with hunger and to maximize the range of children, by age and very handsome with fresh, fashionable people are struggling.

Korean air standard bangs in 2016 is still alive, as a veteran in face by age well behaved in a play, the real air wigs for women  bangs radian very special this year, slightly valgus is like a “eight” word, with a sense of light and air, looks more clever only beauty.In addition to the Korean situation, French bangs also turned out, it was the goddess Sophie Marceau exclusive, another name is “French was hypocritical”, and the air is very similar but more mature bangs at random, also more than the amount of air bangs a little pursuit of irregular languor.