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Learn two princess real hair wigs sweet cute charm overflowing

Looked at the fairy tale grew up girls, is not very envious fairy tale princess who hair exquisite  human hair wigs  hairstyle? Today editor  to achieve everyone’s wishes, just a simple tool and operation, an elegant and elegant Sweet index bursting of the princess  real hair  wigs  type can easily braided into a beautiful hairstyle plus points, you afraid of your prince not to come?



Two hairstyle elements are large bow. The first  real hair  wigs to the head of the human hair extensions  braided human hair wigs  tied around the back, with a large bow  hair wigs for women ornaments from behind to see the beautiful and lovely. The second section of the hair  wigs with the top of the head in the brain side of the knitting a bow, even more noble princess sweet.



This hairstyle retains the front bangs and faces on both sides of the hair to modify the face, the head part of the real hair wigs  braided into braids wrapped around the back of the head, and then big bow hairpin for decoration, sweet index out of.  Real hair  wigs before the hair length of the model before the shoulder, vertical supple, bangs the length of the oblique points, leaving a good bangs and face on both sides of the human  hair extensions, the head side of the  human hair wigs  gathered into a bunch, and then divided into two parts, A braid. Hair braided twist good, the tail with a transparent or similar color with the hair of fine rubber tie, and the braid twisted to the back of the head,The other side of the head also repeat the above operation, in the back of the head with a thin rubber to two braids fixed together.


Fixed hair braided, you can hand gently pull the braid to create a fluffy messy effect, and finally, with a curling bar to the  real hair   wigs scattered in the shoulders rolled into different levels of the wave volume, and spray spray spray on the appropriate Stereotypes, place in the braided clip  in  hair extension on the lovely hairpin, a beautiful princess real  hair wigs  will be completed.