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Korean real hair wigs for women pear head sweet you really don’t cut a?

Both face contour and pear head sweet, or appear tender weapon, no girl is not beauty, then how to choose energy-saving own? Pear head today editor to recommend a few face lift and beauty for everyone, girl come to choose a bar. This nifty Cute short hair pear head, fluffy  real hair wigs, not only looks light can face, plus air bangs, more repair face, make facial features appear extremely exquisite three-dimensional, while showing sweet temperament, is a woman fat face round face and the best choice of hairstyle.

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Korean pear repair face long hair wigs of this, very suitable for urban light Cougar temperament, sense of air bangs plus red brown hair color Hair Coloring foil a delicate little face white and ruddy complexion, and Neipeng simple design with a lazy casual atmosphere, easily show girls fashion. 37 Pear head clever and elegant, real hair wigs for women  sweet repair face, red wine Hair Coloring hair color can be commensurate with the female skin is ten very feminine. Elegant collocation suits, very suitable for light.

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The other is mature woman pear head collocation bangs, cover the eyebrows bangs a little broken, while trimming revealing faint delicate facial features, hair rich elasticity, increase other stereo feeling, the girl next door the freshness of significant legislation. bangs well cover the forehead, to face modification effect by both sides. The natural curvature of pear head to create a natural fluffy, chestnut brown real Hair wigs for women Coloring is very fashionable, light elastic curling feeling comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

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The summer vacation collocation small straw hat, the wind full. This pear head shape simple nature, heavy bangs is the clever sweet, smooth real hair wigs for women, hair tail slightly inside the buckle, add a touch of playful sense, appear tender effect is excellent This pear. Short hair curly wigs hair, bangs playful sense, fluffy curly hair close to the face, can be modified face, and more fresh, suitable for hot summer. This pear head is the biggest highlight of the tail sticking out, increase the shape of the lively and dynamic spirit, large oblique bangs modified face, collocation white clothing, sweet lady. There are levels of hair and face heavy collocation bangs have age effect, hair beautiful arc decorated with small girls face, let the girl looks lovely and very lady.