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Korean hair lost, you have such short real hair wigs do?

We recommend a man mushroom head, flower like thick bangs cover the forehead, more fashionable suction eye, do not want too Charming, also can cut bangs on both sides of the short covering, fresh and handsome.

real hair wigs

When the weather is cold, slicked back head, exposing your forehead is handsome. Korean men’s hair bobbed real hair wigs also is this year the main popular, cool water ice on the inner buckle in the collocation, black hair refreshing seductive, simple without losing the art fan.

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Bangs grew longer slightly curled, fluffy in retro design lets you second Korea Obama! Boys hairstyle popular in the explosion of a comma to bangs real hair wigs, bangs after blowing in the blow bend, fashionable western style. Cute texture hot hair,the bangs layering repair face more stylish, with prominent ears next door the boy temperament.

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Want to change all the other so to blow it, fluffy bangs forehead was exposed or handsome. Gauguin shaved on both sides of this short punk real hair wigs hairstyle, Mohawk + shovel green design lets you second Metrosexual personality, pull the wind.