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In the longest real hair wigs in the most simple buckle human hair wigs fall and winter this year, which will you fall in love with?

In the length of this length can be said to be the best, but also the most paulayoungwigs for white  women like the tail just enough to put in the chest, changing the color increase after the air sense of maturity turned big sister, but at the same time without losing the sense of sweetness .In the longest hair in the most simple buckle real hair wigs , no matter how long your hair or how points, resulting in the buckle after all seem particularly gentle, hair to increase a little layering looks slim.



In the section of long hair, stay in the hair or long hair wigs  sister, the most classic is the points, and long hair + wave volume, elongated face without losing a sense of femininity, so popular with young human hair wigs for white women.Also in the sub-long hair, a little larger when the volume is more eye-catching, exaggerated large volume with chestnut brown hair color, fashionable sexy yet sweet.Wild face of the partial points, asymmetric partial sub-shape can be said to be wild any face, with the hair instantly face small, more charming in winter dressed in a sense.


Natural hair wigs black + exposed amount of design, fresh was temperament, low-key yet fashion sense, exposing a clean face even more temperament for OL.Pure long straight hair, real hair wigs  tail can be cut very neat can also have some sense of layering, with a small round face pure and moving.The most significant winter flavor of the fluffy big curly wigs, fluffy curls to give people a sense of softness like cotton candy, sweet cure second change Meng sister.Air bangs + water ripple perm, editor recommended a long hair perm hair, with the warm color of the Department of corrugated hair does not look old, but can also be very fashionable fashion.



Like straight real hair wigs? It can try gradient stained, like my sister such as linen gold on the basis of a little rose gold, looks sweet and maiden.Human hair  wigs is too long easy to look rigid and old-fashioned, so slightly shorter hair is not more and your mind? Hair is not short, but care is also very convenient, pure by age.Straight hair  wigs straightforward simple shape, shoulder-length hair into the pear head slightly into the sweet and fresh, although the Phi hair, as was a sense of vitality.