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Impression  of black women like to wear a wig, before the recognition of a black eyebrow has been wearing a wig, but also a lot of tie a variety of small braid, but the proportion of the african american wigs  than other people will be more.Black women’s hairstyle is a sensitive issue in American society,especially in the premise of a special race to discuss hair style,inevitably lead to racial discrimination, the contradictions, and african american wigs this answer is not in this regard too much comment.african-american-wigs1


Why do black women like to wear a wig, which is a comprehensive issue involving society, history, culture, physiology and so on.From the point of view of physiology, the prevalence rate of hair loss in black women was significantly higher than that of white     women.There are two kinds of black women’s traditional hair style, a class called hair kinky, the other is called braids.Hair kinky and braids from the African tribe,have a very profound tradition,and african american wigs are consistent with the characteristics of black hair.But in Europe and the United States women’s impression, this hairstyle is to feel dirty.


With the rise of African slave trade, black women’s hair began to be affected by Europe and the United States,because the hair is popular in European and african american wigs and hair mainly as a strong cultural impact on the status of black women’s hair habits.For example, the slave owners of the South Garden Hotels and Resorts tend to make skin color more shallow,the hair is more close to the hair and hair of female slaves engaged in indoor work, and make skin more black,Hair messy female is engaged in the field of labor.


The above historical and cultural reasons for the black women’s hair style tend to the European and American women’s fashion hair change,And the african american wigs in a convenient and quick way to meet this demand.Wig not only eliminates the complicated process of hair perm, more easy to take care of women in their daily lives.In style and style, straight hair and curly hair black women tend to choose a more popular European and American women.This is an important reason why the wig is very popular among black women.