care for wigs

How to care for wig

All kinds of real  hair wigs so a lot of beauty Pro love, but have a wig wig care, you know how much? Today   redactor here to share with you some of the wig nursing skills.



Commonly used to take off the bracket on a day when wearing a wig off the time can not be casually throw, should put a wig placed, put on the bracket.


Don’t use plastic bags to collect if there is a period of time not wearing a wig or wearing a wig, put away, had better not exposed to air, easy to dust or messy, so we should put the wig wigs. Use the original receipt, or receive a plastic bag.


Regular cleaning if often wearing a wig , recommend cleaning once a week, and when cleaning should pay special attention to the wig is not washed with hot water, the quality will destroy the wig, and not long soak in the water, after the cleaning air in the ventilation automatic air drying.


Keep the light conditioner cleaning lubrication when the wig must not use a hand to rub, see the knot not to pull, should use hair conditioner, gently straightened out, the use of hair conditioner and wig will be glamorous, like just bought.


Sparse tooth comb  wig off out usually should straighten out the wig, gently comb clear dirt. Choose kind of sparse sparse comb, is in order to prevent the dense comb easy to put a wig off, can also use special wig comb.


Wig bent wet towel rescue if accidentally bent straight real hair wigs how to do, must not use a hand to pull straight, easy hair. If you are too lazy to wash it, you can cover the wig with a towel to dry naturally, will straighten it.