bob wigs

How long bob wigs hair looks good, half a head of the head of the first drop

Although it is fashionable hair bob wigs, but some of the girls on the long hair that was really love it, just how to take care of long hair look better? Small selection of a half of the rolling ball head lovely by age. Dark brown lines of a micro volume long hair, easy to take care of a very temperament feeling half tie balls hair, is really nice.


From the back of the head, bob wigs are a simple and nice hairstyle, following the start of hands-on learning strategy. First of all, remove the hair from the top of the head to take care of a half of the rolling ball head shape. Then the hand will pull hair fluffy. Finally some lazy whole hair under the care of a little shake.


The bob wigs ball head is already popular in the world, so the same hairstyle really makes people unhappy. We have to establish their own personality, go your own style. First half Zhaqi. So don’t lose a cool and not seem capable. Or the ladies can move the hearts of men. After all, the woman is good, water do woman.


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