long hair wigs for women

Here are a few good-looking and realistic long hair wigs for women, put on others simply can not see

The beauty of the woman must be love monkey with their long hair wigs for women, but hair always will get damaged, then you need a nice wig, here editor to introduce a few good realistic wigs for you.

real hair wigs3

Brown hair style, hot fluffy curly long hair wigs for women, fashion and not tacky, side hair attached to face, repairing and age, more adorable. Pretty sweet pear short hair on both sides, elegant, natural fluffy curls tightly cheek, have very good effect of thin face, plus short bangs whole is very sweet.

human hair wigs for white women

Pure black Bob, is very nice. A supple hair sparse eyebrow bangs, hair buckle in nature, the overall look is very cute. The trend of long hair wigs for women egg roll head, breaking the normal hair dull feeling, create a dynamic charm feeling and temperament in bangs. Cute and romantic.


Fresh sweet high Ponytail long hair wigs for women. Thin bangs and low ponytail collocation, stylish and very sweet, very little fresh a ponytail. In pear head, tail hair is very personal, and temperament of the girls with long hair is oval collocation temperament, plus air bangs more attractive.