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Hair is less with the best look at these real hair wigs!

In the us about the most popular the most fashionable hairstyle, hair color, and even told you cut a long hair  wigs right after, many girls have said: in the background of these hairstyles are much to handle, only a small amount of fat people collapse collapse. Determinants between a right! The ideal and reality of hair type is not just “good” so simple, human hair wigs  in addition to your face, personal style, and even Haircut level barber, there is one of the most important factors, the amount of fat!



Hair less is a kind of what kind of experience every day there is no  real hair wigs  to speak of, only flat collapse.Man look at the face, hair extension  and hair. By temperament is the basis of human  hair wigs, is a dream for a small amount of fat people want to cut a multi-level hair. Because no matter how the head is always unwinding ordered collapse collapse.



Sun Li is a typical small amount of real hair wigs on both sides of the forehead, so she starts comb a variety of bangs from the debut, until the  human hair wigs  is still seriously doing the “fringe Diva”.Zheng Shuang also belongs to itself less type, hair soft, with this white scalp plus emaciated body, also really makes people feel bad.




Sammi Cheng had a lot of time in the program to directly express their  real hair wigs  too worried, you see this tie ball head, group several groups also still very thin yet.See Bella’s  human hair wigs  is what is truly worrying, plus her love is not an ordinary comb comb comb high ponytail, it still love her hair tight. Aura is there, but the hair extension is less and less.