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Forehead high suitable for middle points: mature and highlight the woman’s taste in the real hair wigs .

High brow hair for what? For high brow in? In the hair to mature and elegant temperament, beautiful hair in a woman, in the hair to face what good-looking, high brow girls are more suitable in the   real  hair wigs , for you to share in the suitable high forehead hairstyle pictures




In the  with real hair wigs  girl has a literary temperament like nature itself, the long straight hair messy yet gentle, very suitable for high brow girls. The straight hair in a Bohemia flavor of the wind, the tail is very natural, not the kind of dull hair Oh, a little more fashionable color collocation, the decoration is also filling the. Feminine fresh temperament. A sense of the level of the straight hair in high brow is sister paper the best repair Yan hair, hair neat and elegant, the amount of dew hair full of fashion Hallyu breath. Long curly hair dark brown, is good-looking! Have a good facial modification the effect of the face line stretched! Cheeks hair tail curls naturally good-looking! Very fashionable.


This is very suitable for straight   real hair  wigs  in high brow girls in hair pendant sense, collocation of yellow brown pick Hair Coloring more fashionable breath. The natural black inner buckle pear head, such a hairstyle is very simple, very delicate, cleverly modified Oriental female facial beauty sense, create charming temperament Oh! Carve straight hair light Cougar favorite one, straight hair in a very all-match face temperament hair shawl hair to create a fresh woman. The feminine in the same volume is very suitable for girls Xiu Yan, especially suitable for high head hair, fluffy hair naturally elegant.