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Long  angled bob is more addictive, it is many short hair  wigs girl controlled their voices. A short cut can not only have a sense of fashion, but also people seem more spirit, the following editor to recommend several neat bangs short  human hair extensions, become full of vitality with short hair and beauty girl.This is a lotus leaf  real hair wigs , fresh and neat bangs by age, hair buckle modified girl sweet white face, red brown Hair Coloring also let the girl looks quite hairstyle.The Liu Qi Buzzcut cool and reduce age, Liu Qi cut brown hair color collocation looks more stylish, highlighting the girl clever eyes, looks cute and innocent.


Small fresh a neat bangs short hair, hide eyebrow Qi Liuhai highlights the girl beautiful eyes, flaxen real hair wigs   Coloring foil white color, close to the cheeks Xiu Yan was tender, very fresh.Pretty neat bangs short hair girl looks fluffy collocation let Meng Meng Da, brown Hair Coloring will not only  wigs for woman color foil more white, also let the girl looks more sweet temperament.This wave head shape to the woman looks full of personality, Liu Qi collocation buckle hair, not only in the visual face lift, also let the other looks more stylish.


His neat bangs short curly  wigs hair fluffy collocation modified good-looking face, natural  wigs hair color let the woman look more relaxed, plus a fair complexion, lovely and charming.This is a very fashionable Qi Liu Haiduan curly  wigs hair, fluffy curled real hair wigs  collocation on processing Liu Qi and capable, with brown hair color Hair Coloring, let woman look more temperament.Air bangs Liu Qi length to the eyebrows, and fluffy human hair extensions tail sticking out let hair more vivid and exquisite collocation, then the hoop, the overall look beautiful.