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The woman’s hair, curly wigs hair is one of them, especially the long wavy real  hair wigs, no matter from which angle looks, full of charm, different shapes of long curly wigs hair, is the most popular contemporary drama popular hairstyle, buddies to learn!

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The drama from the stars you < > let the former “sassy girl” Gianna Jun again a fire, in her dark brown wavy real hair wigs is very seductive.Park Shin Hye, “the heirs of low Ponytail Hair Tie” makes her look full of affinity, low-key soft, and can help modify facial lines!Zheng Xiujing’s seemingly messy is out there to pick big wavy hair dyeing for young girl feeling, very western style!

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Increasingly popular in the real hair wigs of Victoria Song, confident and generous, big wave wigs like create a level of understanding, rich flavor, urban ol can try.Although Pei Xiuzhi is not a beauty, but the head like a waterfall long hair is enough to let the audience remember that she is very beautiful, handsome face in the modification of long hair.2016 small fresh fashion, girls love big bangs has become a burden, no bangs but more fresh and pure, that dare to tie up the hair of the goddess is the real goddess!

Over the years, Song Hye Kyo’s goddess status has never been shaken, the winter wind blowing in the wind > in her short curly wigs hair styling shows a somewhat mature taste, understanding and elegant.Tie a meatball head smooth and clean and generous, real hair wigs girl always can quickly select a suitable hairstyle! Tie ball head, make yourself a little more beautiful!