human hair wigs for white women

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human hair wigs for wihte women, fashionable and handsome girl, one of the most popular hairstyle this year. Light and nimble forehead bangs, faster than the eye length, dispersion of eyes, with focus on both sides of the side of the hair, to create the effect of modified cheek face, are smart. The hair surface color, texture lines more clear, a a western style handsome long face short hair.


The full range of children’s elegant girls hair, inherited Bob head all-match effect, not only for the women’s long face, human hair wigs for wihte women the other face of the girls can try. Long bangs hair, cover the forehead, with the cover face side ear hair, face effect class, soft brown Hair Coloring, gentle and elegant woman taste radiate.


With large oblique bangs long face and short hair, very simple visually modified cheeks, human hair wigs for wihte women almost cover all the long forehead, cheeks turn exquisite, beautiful eyes hair or make natural radian or lightly put back, was quiet and elegant little woman temperament, suitable for mature women and professionals.


Fresh and brisk Hair Coloring effect, human hair wigs for wihte women on the face of long hair girl, very fresh and eye-catching woman charm, straight down the face side of the hair, along the cheeks to make beautiful radian involute, good modification cheeks, long bangs converge face length, create a beautiful little face, gently cut thin bangs hair highlights, light Aura bright eyes moist aura.