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As one of the new generation of masters of the boys, you know what the boys are now popular male wigs  hairstyle? For you today editor recommended several Korean men’s short hair, handsome boy. How metrosexual man easily create simple hair good-looking? The deep coffee color department bangs the curly wigs hair perm, fresh and neat yet still fan boys get what hairstyle face.? the red brown wash bangs short hair, handsome face, sunshine handsome.


A dark blue coat, fluffy hair design collocation no bangs on a white, a handsome face, highlighting the full ripe male charm. A trim suit jacket, a red line partial collocation Liu Qi Buzzcut, handsome face, workplace fan full. A red metrosexual man the coat, short male wigs hair micro volume on a dark brown collocation of white, good-looking face, more handsome.


A natural black coat collocation design no bangs on a short hair male wigs, a clean face, handsome men without losing the charm. Spring boys how to take care of hair? A simple white shirt, short oblique bangs design collocation, simple and handsome.2017 boys hair good-looking a brown linen? Head hair, simple design into oblique bangs short style highlights, full of handsome.


Grey coat collocation, a brown oblique bangs short hair male wigs, a cheerful sunshine smile, is really handsome. The last is the boys like the oblique bangs hair perm hair, handsome face, handsome fashion two not mistaken.