hairstyles for long hair

Big girls for what style hairstyles for long hair wig? Come with me and see.

Having a small face is the dream of many girls, but the natural factors can not be achieved, but as long as the choice of a suitable hairstyles for long hair can make your face look perfect.


Big face hair? The following editor recommended several big face for girls hairstyles for long hair, easy repair face super mirror, a look. Simple long straight hair, collocation light bangs, bring out the small facial features, sweet, smart, black hair is also very fresh shoulder micro fan. The volume of hair, collocation and oblique bangs, repair face seems quite delicate, sweet temperament, brown Hair Coloring also set off the white skin, very stylish.


Long curly hair casually hanging down, collocation temperament partial bangs, easily reached the effect of thin face, brown Hair Coloring also looked very fashionable. Fluffy hair perm hairstyles for long hair, the same with the partial fringe contrast collocation, perfect face, dark Hair Coloring also appears natural fashion. In the design of a scroll sweet temperament, collocation on simple oblique bangs, repair face was tender, Hair Coloring chocolate also added a sense of fashion.