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Autumn and winter girls real hair wigs style: 2016, get a fashion trend of the autumn and winter

Autumn and winter seasons want to change a fashionable hairstyle? What kind of real hair wigs  cut hair good-looking? Autumn winter girls hair style which is the most popular small series for you to share the 2016 autumn and winter hair trends get a hurry, let you also turned the tide female oh.



A “whole pear with valgus is looks similar, but the tail is in the opposite direction, the biggest advantage is that a suitable length to the shoulder that awkward stage. Hair is very suitable for autumn and winter with very valgus sweaters and sweater.Two, a little bit longer real hair wigs is also good short hair and eyebrow bangs.Little good “Gao Junxi fever is still not short of backing, if not tried it, can try this winter in ultra short hair, wearing a scarf never pressed hair, probably not more than the hair handsome cute hairstyle.



In the buckle, the tail involute involute, is the early pear head. Girls never outdated real hair wigs, but it will change the length and curvature. According to the popular winter hair recommend inner buckle and large side.Delicate little face can show the feminine temperament, see what others do not a literary small fresh taste, might as well have to try a new change.The ball head has been a classic timeless style Oh, look at this a fresh face and a collocation, not only highlights the fashion and fresh out of literary small fresh side. Very photogenic.


Design of fresh sweet students real hair wigs supple, air bangs and shawl low double Ponytail Hair Tie together, sweet smile a fresh campus fan, face easily overcome.Face and princess head hair is very match Oh, in the long straight hair supple and fresh art, princess head half tie hair collocation long Liu Haitu looked lovely and fresh.Dressed in uniforms have a stylish eye-catching fresh, lovely Japanese high Ponytail Hair Tie collocation bangs instantly face, revealing fresh sense of fashion.


A head of Department of the Korean chestnut short real hair wigs bangs simple design into thin air bangs, white face, blue denim jacket collocation, fresh and pleasant. Smart Xiu Yan.The design of a Poxian feminine hair hair, long Liu Haichui falling feeling full, relaxed fashion highlights face, very elegant.Zaftig is not fat women actually is the most beautiful, an elegant low ponytail with white skin, chic and elegant temperament highlighted absolutely no bangs more attractive.