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2017 men trends-Woke up fashionable five male god real hair wigs

Recently always want to help you analyze 2017 winter metro sexual man hairstyle trend but has been unable to find a breakthrough point is not boring,The most common problem encountered by the boys is not finishing real hair wigs , I have heard the voices of you! Today editor to share a few can sleep to wake up naturally, you can still go out handsome winter fashion hairstyle.

1 messy curly hair blue sea Legend – Lee Min Ho.Lee Min Ho the people very full of elasticity and fat and thin to a fold called (HA HA) of course when he became thin after the handsome of broken table will certainly become the focus of real hair wigs  boys have pilgrimage. Today in the blue sea is a “messy hair” looks very casual with a little sexy.Hair length recommendations: 15 centimeters, hot two volume remember this hair extensions for short hair is not too thick will change next to the absolute length on both sides of the broccoli. Nice. You can suggest natural.Finishing: wash the hair hair pressure recommended eight dry and then moisturizing product evenly, and then the palm side dial edge blowing, do not blow too dry to get up in the morning with hair frizz, mousse to round the way to the hair root.

The 2 volumes issued land holder column, hole – “Liu Jinfu weightlifting fairy beads” & “lonely bright god of gods”.This is the end of the year two drama drama very worthy of attention, inside the two men of God national small meat – South column Hector vs uncle Kong Liu is sexy; 20 years of age to actually living head pull ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ coincidence coincidence visible micro volume small in the real hair wigs  is this fall the most popular hairstyle.Hair length: 15 cm or so suggestions about more than the eyes, curls about mineral water bottle size, hot out there to stay a little Sideburn grooming a big hairline curls beside.Is the first order way: put your hair extensions for short hair  forward and tail comb for hair line is divided into the Huai people, then the most coarse coarse electric rod of a U.You can use the high oil absorption can create a sense of fluffy wax evenly on the palm finally in the hair on both sides of the way to catch catch milk line can be.

The 3 volume of 46 micro real hair wigs  Li Zhongshuo – “W world two”.Li Zhongshuo is the face of God, because the proportion of beautiful face, any hair on his face is very reasonable. He has no sense of violation and this year in the w drama style is a “hair” in micro concept.The hair length: 10-12 centimeters, burn out a type to remember this hairstyle is absolutely not curl too small. Both sides of length 1-1.5 cm to catch hair advice.Finishing: wash the hair with ribs that comb to blow the whole morning, can be a little flick to let get water line slightly clear, with strong viscous oil oily hair streaming down from the root out of line.