real hair wigs for wmen

In 2017, according to your face you need a different real hair wigs for women style.

If you are considering 2017 how to change your style, then change the hairstyle should be your first choice. So we have prepared several according to your face and determine your style of real hair wigs for women, I believe that everyone can find a suitable hairstyle.

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How to determine if you have a round face: round face width refers to the length of almost equal, forehead and chin is relatively small, the edge curve is relatively smooth. For round face real hair wigs for women: round face and faces often appear so childish, so the hairstyle design may mature, the hair should be divided into both sides and should have some waves, so the face will not look great circle. Can the hair side of points, the short side slightly inwards along the cheek, the longer side can be done from outside the front oparietal curling waves, that can be “stretched” face. The face is also not a fringe.

real hair wigs for women

How to determine if you have a long face: relatively slender faces, forehead, cheekbones, jaw width is basically the same, but the face width is less than the length of the 2/3 face, this is a long face. Suitable for long face real hair wigs for women: long face hair left to the chin, leave some bangs or cheek hair can reduce some of the length of the face to enhance a sense of width. Hair can also be combed into full soft shape, so that the face has a round feeling. In short, natural, fluffy hair can add beauty to long face.

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How to determine if you have an oval face: forehead slightly wider than the chin, shaped like an inverted egg. Somewhat similar to the long face, but chin softer, more curved face edges. Hairstyles for oval face: the oval face should be the most perfect face girl, long hair and short h real hair wigs for women can be harnessed, lob head shoulder is particularly suitable for. But it should be noted that the possible face appeared, highlight this face harmonious beauty.

How to determine if you have a square face: the forehead, cheekbones, the width of the jaw is basically the same, the feeling of the square, square face contour is more clear .For square face real hair wigs for women: square face hair should comb up, contour should be more fluffy, but not my hair too smooth, preauricular area hair to stay warm, can be modified face, forehead can also be appropriate to leave some hair.