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2016 winter girls real hair wigs style list of these 16 good-looking and popular!

What is more suitable for winter long hair or short hair, more in winter? Now popular girls real hair wigs, the length of hair still maintain a half of the effect, if you change your hairstyle, you will choose which one? The most popular 16 fashionable hairstyle to share, which one did not cut this winter?


Trendsetter Love wave head, translucent air bangs plus neck hair and real hair wigs tail with a refreshing, bend, expose the neck more natural.Sweet girl necessary air big bangs real hair wigs for women, bangs to create a diagonal effect, a hair more beautiful temperament, suitable for the super girl face.Winter long hair girl also should be good at using the hair to modified face, in the big long hair low ponytail, sweater extraordinarily seductive.

In the long hair girl try buckle pear head, real hair wigs  buckle, and then create a sense of hierarchy using partial repair Yan effect is better, shoulder length hairstyle fresh and seductive.Round face adorable sister essential air wave head and tail, bangs are airy, with a small round face more lovely, hairline high girl can also try this hairstyle.Long face sister suitable for the hair, in addition to Qi Liuhai, hair tail also do the treatment, you can better balance the face while increasing the sense of charm.


Now many stars are cut short wave head, the tail is shorter, like this design Qi chin more Aura, in fashionable golden brown, translucent color enhanced sense of fashion sense.Students younger sister essential short  real hair wigs for women, flat bangs in withholding of sweet and pure natural wigs black tail, is a young standard classic color!Soft long  angled  Bob, this Korean Short style perm for multiple age, age effect good.