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2016 winter fashion real hair wigs,Christmas date first choice

Christmas around the corner, I believe many sister paper are dating. However, how to take care of real hair wigs for women look better? Xiaobian for you today to share the 9 2016 winter fashion hairstyle, fashion all-match, date of first choice.



How to take care of the hair in winter date? A head of brown long perm hair, fluffy real hair wigs  is tutorial side tie hair design, thin air bangs, Xiu Yan Jianling was white.Suddenly, Christmas is coming, girls have a date but also to do? The brown Princess half tie hair hair, thin bangs design, white face, light coloured fur fashion collocation, sweet, work date two correct.Face the girls for what hairstyle? A brown long shawl perm hair, the hair in the partial line, his sweet smile, beautiful fashion is more beautiful.

A gold red dress collocation, a dark red shawls long hair  wigs perm hair design, oblique bangs, white rounded face, collocation fashion hat, let the ticket you could not bear away.In the long  real hair wigs  how hot good-looking? Fluffy perm hair, natural and loose on the body, Liu Qi Liu cut into shape, white face, head bow decoration, more adorable cute.Long face girls hair for what? A fresh high hair hair, curly bangs collocation, rosy face, more intelligent life.


Maroon Department of a micro volume long hair, natural and loose on the body, no bangs design, with a high forehead, collocation and sweet smile, fresh and agile and vitality.How to take care of the real hair wigs simple and beautiful girls? Chestnut line in the long hair in the hair clasp, designed thin bangs styling, sweet smile, fresh sister paper the most pleasant.What hairstyle face girls for bar? A fluffy hair at oblique bangs, hair ornament lovely collocation, filling full sweet adorable Keren fan.