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2016 popular human hair wigs color: 9 kinds of natural white hair color

2016 popular new hair color? Do a nice hairstyle, how can the lack of a good color for Asian women Hair Coloring, yellowish skin, want to make their skin is white. What color will make the skin white? The most popular natural color white Hair Coloring what? Look at the popular 2016 human hair wigs  color with small.


2016 popular human  hair wigs  color 1: natural color brown hair color selection is relatively close to its own natural color brown hair color, dark brown hair will make hair color more uniform, but also suitable for Asian girls skin color.


2016 popular human  hair wigs: brown red color 2 Hair Coloring love mature a little girl but want to look pale and stylish, Hair Coloring can choose brown red line, the color pink collocation makeup cute and feminine.


2016 popular human  hair wigs color 3: bright hair short hair shorter and more able to live hold bright hair color, black short hair easy to give people the feeling of false boy, bright hair color is able to highlight the girl’s personality.



2016 popular human  hair wigs color: 4 Hair Coloring girls with long hair is also suitable for brown brown Hair Coloring lob, lob hair more difficult to handle than a short, if the wrong color will be worse, so the choice of safe color is advisable.


2016 popular human  hair wigs color5: flaxen hair dye Hair Coloring brown hair color is more common, especially Hair Coloring Korean short hair is the most suitable linen, Korean egg roll head or lob are suitable for short hair brown Hair Coloring.


2016 popular human  hair wigs color6: red wine and red wine 6 long hair is not the same, wine red hair special temperament, a queen’s hair color, style full of energy, especially suitable for women in the workplace woman Hair Coloring color.